5 Reasons Why Composting Helps the Environment

why composting helps the enviornment

Here are the 5 reasons why composting helps the environment. Below we have added much more detail about why each of these are the case and why you should start composting.


  • Recycling
  • Nutrient Rich Soil
  • Stops Chemical Fertilizers and Pesticides
  • Reduces In Soil Reduction
  • Water Retention


Recycling your organic matter is a must if you want to have a beautifully rich organic garden.

Recycling your organic material will reduce your trash up to 50%.

It also helps out the landfills which are terrible methane and greenhouse dispensers. So you might as well contribute to your own garden and give life to beautiful plants.


Nutrient Rich Soil

Adding compost to your soil will add the rich soil you’ve been wanting all your life. Trust me I’ve made my mistakes throughout my life.

It will promote healthy microbes and even help fix your tainted soil.


Stops Chemical Fertilizers and Pesticides

Chemical fertilizers and pesticides can kill the very things that make your garden grow.

They leave heavy metals in the soil and destroy the microbes that promote growth.

Adding compost to your soil promotes the nutrients that chemical fertilizers kill.


Reduction In Soil Erosion

Putting compost in your soil will add some significant structure to your soil and prevent your soil from eroding much slower than with a sand like quality.


Water Retention

Saving water is one of the most important things you can do and adding compost to your garden will help it do just that.

Soils that have a lot of organic material in them need less water because of their spongy quality. Which let’s the water release more slowly.

It will also help the already sandy portion of your soil retain water more efficiently.

This means you don’t have to water as much.